How Our Technology Can Help Minimise Pressure Injuries

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How can our technology help minimise pressure injuries? Let’s start with some information about what pressure injuries are. 

Pressure Injuries (PIs), or bedsores, are localised injuries to the skin, and/or underlying tissues, resulting from pressure, often in combination with friction(1). These injuries can occur in patients after as little as one hour spent immobile on a surface, putting millions of patients in hospitals and aged-care facilities at risk.

Early-stage PIs are easy to miss, and the current methods of detection and patient care are subjective and often inaccurate. If left to progress, PIs extend the length of hospital stays by an average of 4 days, adding an additional $18,000 in treatment and bed day expenses for each patient. In Australia alone, pressure injuries cost our public hospital sector more than $9 billion every year(2).

PI prevention is crucial, as it not only improves patients’ quality of life during and after hospitalisation but also saves billions in money spent on healthcare.

How can we help with the situation?

Lenexa Medical is developing an end-to-end patient-centred solution for hospitals and aged care facilities: a comprehensive patient monitoring system that can monitor and alert clinicians and carers about patient position, posture and presence during the entirety of their hospital stay. This technology can minimise the cost of pressure injuries to the healthcare system worldwide.

This innovative, patient-centred solution includes:

  • Fabric-based sensor technology
  • Personalised offloading strategies and timing
  • Smart software for real-time movement monitoring
  • Nurse call and facility integration

Our technologies not only make quality healthcare more affordable by easing the financial burdens on hospitals and patients but also aim to empower clinicians and carers to deliver a better standard of care.
Together, we can work towards improving Australia’s healthcare system.

We are currently looking to grow our network of partners, get in touch via or visit this link.


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April 12, 2022

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