Inaugural Board of Directors Appointed

Lenexa Medical is pleased to announce the appointment of its inaugural Board of Directors. Following a detailed search and recruitment process, the team has appointed sector experts Ms Leanne Daly, Mr Michael Woods, and Mr Warren Bingham as non-executive directors with Mr Woods initially performing the role of Board Chairperson. The three new directors will join the Lenexa Medical co-founders to form the inaugural Board.

“We’re thrilled that we will be working with such an experienced board to refine our strategic vision and help us to deliver a commercial-ready product to the market,” said Lenexa Medical CEO Mr Ajit Ravindran. Ajit and his co-founders, Martin Thompson and Will Yang, recognised that they needed to bring additional skills into the business whilst considering the attributes needed to govern the organisation and building a company for the future.

Mr Ravindran continued, “On behalf of the management team, we would like to welcome Ms Daly, Mr Woods, and Mr Bingham to Lenexa Medical and are confident that they will support us to bring our patient-centered pressure injury prevention technology to the lives of those that need it most, deliver quality outcomes to the care setting and hopefully make the healthcare system more affordable.”