3 Reasons You Should Care About Pressure Injuries

Pressure injuries (PIs) are a global problem causing pain and suffering for millions of patients and costing healthcare systems billions worldwide. They can develop quickly in anyone with reduced mobility, such as those confined to a bed or chair. 

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Care About PI in Australia

  1. PIs Cost Australian Public Hospital System over $9 billion 

It was found that the cost of pressure injuries in Australian public hospitals reached $9.11 billion annually. This includes the cost of excess length of stay ($3.6B) and treatment costs ($3.59B). Notably, hospital-acquired PIs contributed to over 60% of the overall costs totalling $5.5B.

  1. Lack of Preventative Measures to Address PIs

Prevention, early diagnosis and treatment are critical in managing PIs. Current PI prevention methods have been inadequate in resolving the issue, with the latest standards of practice difficult to implement, and current tech solutions being ineffective and impractical to use.

  1. PI is Preventable through Innovations in Patient-Centred Technology

Although PIs are a leading problem in hospitals globally, they can be prevented! Improving the standard of care for patients by implementing patient-centred technology in our healthcare system can help provide information for carers to effectively manage and prevent PI from developing. 

Our Solution

At Lenexa Medical, we seek to solve this global problem by enabling personalised connected care. 

Our solution is a continuous-care patient monitoring and management system that converts a traditional hospital mattress into a patient monitoring platform. It provides busy healthcare staff with the information they need to effectively manage PI care before they begin to develop. 

Comprising a patented integrated fabric-based sensor, user interface and AI software, the technology is personalised to each patient, with real time pressure profile and position information communicated to staff to enable targeted and timely PI prevention.

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April 22, 2022

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